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How to make a stove with a can: homemade stove and alcohol stove

These are some of the most popular versions of portable stoves that provide for heating a little water and prepare a hot drink, soup or cooking something light. All you need to bring this mini stove of alcohol to reality are some cans, scissors, and a little patience. Build yourself the stove with a can by looking at this tutorial.

homemade alcohol stove

Improvise, troubleshoot, recycle and save money … things we grow very well to backpackers. That added to there are some campsites where is forbidden to light fires with the wood result in a homemade invention like this: A portable stove alcohol you can do on your own.

The can that you can choose can be beer or soda, and it does not matter. The important thing is to make a clean construction and use the hot alcohol vapors to achieve combustion.

The work is very simple and will not take more than a few minutes depending on your level of perfection. This stove made with a can is perfectly reusable and suffice to suffocate the oxygen by covering the fire for a couple of seconds with any piece of cloth. It will shut down immediately and is safer than blowing the fire or pouring water (do not do it).

There are many flammable liquids that you can use. The most generic are alcohol, but there are others more specialized in making fire for cooking.

It must be stressed that being a recycled can, it is not precisely a very durable material but the idea and its simple execution make it a classic trick for travelers and camping enthusiasts. Although this would not be the first option to consider more stable alternatives (like gas stoves for camping) its simplicity is a small and attractive challenge. Try to see how it works out for you.

Note that try to imply that a homemade alcohol stove is somehow more dangerous than commercial stoves. If you are looking for the best backpacking stove for your camping with safe, check it here


Something You Need To Know When Shooting A Compound Bow

Before taking to the field, it is the obligation of every seeker to ensure they are as lethal as conceivable with the best compound bow of decision. As bow seekers, figuring out how to legitimately shoot a compound bow and how to shoot a bow precisely is our privilege, as well as our duty. Put your time in honing the essentials of shooting a compound bow and applying those procured aptitudes to circumstances like those you will confront in the field before placing yourself in a chasing circumstance and better arrow based weaponry shooting and bow chasing achievement are certain to take after.

Something You Need To Know When Shooting A Compound Bow

Arrow based weaponry Shooting Form

The absolute most critical thing to recollect with regards to legitimate compound bow shooting strategy is frame. Arrow based weaponry shooting structure relates to everything from the way the toxophilite grasps the bow, to the situating of their elbows, to the course their feet are confronting in connection to the objective they plan to hit. Idealize shape yields an immaculate shot inevitably. Culminate shape… Perfect shot… Do you get it?

Beginning with the base of the shot, and bowman’s feet ought to be shoulder width separated, toes straightforwardly opposite to the objective.

  • Beginning from this position, the dispersing between the feet might be spread more extensive separated or nearer together relying upon furthermore agreeable for the shooter.
  • Remember that the more extensive a toxophilite’s feet are spread separated, the sturdier they will be.
  • Western seekers and the individuals who lean toward as yet chasing frequently have an assortment of alternatives with regards to foot arrangement, including shooting from a stooping position.

Eastern or Midwestern

Whereas the Eastern or Midwestern whitetail seekers who, in view of little tree stand stages, are frequently have constrained balance choices while getting ready for a shot. As an upbeat medium, honing with your feet bear width separated offers a lot of strength amid the shot while keeping you inside the limits of a tree stand stage. When in doubt, consider the position from which you will in all likelihood making make a shot in the field and practice as needs be.

There are a few toxophile shooting methods that can represent the deciding moment your shot; a stand-out amongst the most imperative being the toxophilite’s non-predominant hand. This hand is utilized the hold the bow, and coincidently affects the exactness of the shot. There are a few issues that can be brought about by this purpose of contact and every one of them includes torque.

Bowman Rule

Bowman Rule

Essentially, any sort of weight that is put on the bow that is not straightforwardly on the inside purpose of the riser causes torque, which adversely impacts the development of the string in connection with the position of the bow, diminishing the exactness of the shot.

  • The more torque brought on by the shooter, the more erroneous the shot will be.
  • Similarly, extraordinary techniques for bringing about torque like conflicting hand arrangement will bring about capricious bolt groupings, and a to a great degree disturbed bowman as a rule.

An ideal approach to wiping out torque brought about by the non-overwhelming hand is to reach the bow as could be expected under the circumstances. In a perfect world, the bow hold will rest in your grasp where the thumb meets the focal point of your palm, uninfluenced by whatever another point on the hand. This is the purpose of slightest versatility in your hand and offers minimal impedance with the characteristic terminating grouping of the bow. A few toxophilite tend to hold the bow with their hand.

This may bring about torque on the bow since you are not permitting it to rest normally at its inside generally point.

Be aware of finger situating and tense muscles in your grasp that may contrarily influence your shot. Certain bow holds are additionally accessible to decline bow to hand contact, diminishing torque forced on the bow, and expanding shooting exactness. A bow is a machine. It will fire in the very same way each and every time. The toxophilite, for this situation, is the main thing that can meddle. Expel however much human contact with the bow as could reasonably be expected and it will keep on firing in the very same way each and every time.

In conjunction with non-predominant hand situating, elbow position assumes an imperative part in how to shoot a bow precisely.

The elbow on your non-overwhelming side ought to be solid and marginally twisted to maintain a strategic distance from obstruction with the string and possibly a lot of hurts. You know your identity…

  • The elbow on your prevailing side ought to be situated in a manner that your lower arm as specifically parallel with the bolt.
  • This minimizes torque by encouraging a total separation between your discharge and the D-circle or strings itself relying upon your setup.
  • There are likewise discharges accessible available today that minimizes torque created by the human blunder.

With feet fixed, elbows in position, and hands loose, ideally you have a strong comprehension of the correct approach to shooting a compound bow. Presently we can concentrate on really terminating the bow.

There are a few unfortunate propensities that can create accordingly of rehearsing poor frame. These poor shooting propensities can deteriorate after some time and are regularly opened up in chasing circumstances. Luckily, they can be cured and evaded by and large by rehearsing right compound bow shooting systems. By comprehension and rehearsing with flawless shooting structure, you will be more averse to create negative shooting propensities.

Take It to the Woods

Since you’ve aced you’re shooting structure and shot execution, it’s an ideal opportunity to put some separation amongst you and the objective. In the event that you’ve been shooting 20 yards and in, take a stab at venturing off ten more yards. When you feel great hitting an objective from that range, you should increment the separation once more. For whatever length of time that you have a sheltered screen, don’t be hesitant to inspire yourself. That is the thing that the range is for! One of the greatest confusions seekers have about working on shooting their bow is that they ought to just practice inside a range they feel is moral for shooting at a creature. Is it untrustworthy to miss the objective in the back yard?

Take It to the Woods


An ideal approach to enhance shot exactness at close separations is to practice shot precision at long separations. As a dependable guideline, you should have the capacity to hit an imperative measured focus on the range at twofold the separation you plan to shoot in the field. Shooting long separations will build your solace at all extents and improve you a bow seeker over the long haul.

Another progression you can take to shoot your bow all the more precisely in a genuine chasing situation is to make your practice sessions as reasonable as could be expected under the circumstances. In case you’re bow chasing for deer, set up a tree stand or ground dazzle in the back yard to work on shooting from. Focus on how distinctive shot edges from hoisted positions influence your shooting structure and get open to shooting from those edges before going to the forested areas. In case despite everything you’re chasing elk in the mountains or hoards in the south, work on shooting tough and in addition downhill and from both shooting and standing positions. Rehearse as though it is the genuine article and you’ll perform when the genuine article happens.

In this site, you can find all information you are or will looking for the all the information you need to figure out what you need. Here, you can find the knowledge about hunting and hunting equipments. You all know that there are a lot of different hunting style and kind of objects, and each of them has different methods to work with and help you to have a successful hunting trip.

Tips for getting started in the world of motorcycle

tips for getting start motorcycle

You’ve been seeing all summer bikes here and there and you have light, you fancy riding bike. Do you want to enter the world of two wheels or already have a driving license and motorcycle looking to get started? Let’s see what you need to enjoy the dynamic balance safely, what types of motorcycles on the market and some tips that always come in handy.

The first is to have a driving license motorcycle, assume that you have it but if not, here are the different types of permits for you to be absolutely clear:

  • AM: mopeds two or three wheels and light quadri-cycles. Minimum age fifteen and after the last amendment of the regulations, they can carry passengers even without the years 18 (previous minimum age to carry passenger).
  • A1: motorcycles with a maximum displacement of 125 cc, a maximum power of 11 kW and a power / weight of 0.1 kW / kg ratio. Also motor tricycles with a maximum not exceeding 15 kW. Minimum age 16 years.With permission B with older than 3 years are driving the same with the A1 motorcycles (and scooters).
  • A2: motorcycles with a maximum power of 35 kW and a power / weight of 0.2 kW / kg that are not derived from a vehicle of more than double its power relationship. Minimum age 18 years. Must be overcome control knowledge and skills or have two years of experience with a test A1 and easier control.
  • A: Motorcycles and motor tricycles any power and displacement.Minimum age 20 years, but up to 21 may not drive motor tricycles with a maximum power exceeding 15 kW. They take two years old A2 permit.

It’s time to choose bike, but there are so many that it is difficult right? As your bike experience  is little or no, let’s review what suits you.

Types of motorcycles

There are a variety of types of motorcycles on the market, depending on your tastes, driving style and experience will choose one or the other, let ‘s look at the options:

  • Sports : The most passionate, for those with a spirit of racing and do not mind sacrificing comfort towards benefits. They are unwieldy between urban traffic, fast stretches of curves and uncomfortable to travel.
  • Naked : Motorcycle without fairing are increasingly sports. Balance between performance, price (there are exceptions), driveability and comfort. They have aerodynamic protection so are not highly recommended for travel. Otherwise they are very versatile and a good choice to start.
  • Trail : Motorcycles for mixed road and field, although most asphalt mounted tires that do not allow hardly enter a dirt track. They are very comfortable, good traveling (easy to couple suitcases), easy to drive, fun in the city and less slower than it may appear in sections of curves. Another good choice as a first bike.
  • Sport-Tourism: Motorcycles with fairing (upper dome and cowl) or full fairing seeking balance between comfort, travel and services in sections of curves. There are some with high handle-bars. Good choice for a little of everything.
  • Tourism: Large Motorcycle Fairings bulky domes, much equipment, engines and often carry large suitcases. They are to travel, to little more and are not recommended as first bike because they are very heavy and expensive.
  • Custom : For lovers of chrome within the custom there are many subcategories. Girls like the low seat, but are difficult to maneuver, ineffective in sections of curves and few benefits. They are bikes to stroll leisurely pace and did not get much in the chaotic city traffic.
  • Supermoto : Motorcycles derived from field – road tires and suspension. The former were handmade and is now well sold directly and there are subcategories. Recommended low capacity because they are lightweight and easy to drive. Not worth to travel and real natural environment are the lengths of curves, the tighter the better. They may be an option as a first bike.
  • Scooters : There are many subcategories, by size (small, medium and GT) and its more or less sporty character. Depending on your taste you can find one easily. They are inexpensive (not great), very easy to drive and the automatic brake handles have high load capacity, cleaner than a motorcycle (greater aerodynamic protection) and very practical. Highly recommended if you are looking for

Recommended Minimum Gears

motocycle gears

Having a driving license and the bike is not everything. Now it is the time to equip themselves to go, do not skimp on this because your physical integrity is at stake. With the bike should not be falling, but be prepared if the worst happens one day. It is advisable to ride a motorcycle with the helmet (choose your best motorcycle helmet), which is mandatory), gloves and jacket with protections. If you fall, you will try to reflexively lay hands on the ground to protect the rest of your bodyFurthermore it advised to be waterproof and with two or three layers so you can use it throughout the year. It is better to spend a little more once at least three times and finally do the addition and see that it has left you much more expensive.
Otherwise, do not wear shorts, sandals, skirt, etc.

Basic Tips

All motorists without exception have ever thought they knew motorcycling, usually when the experience is still limited. And everyone has had a scare for believing they already knew. Be humble in your thoughts, you can take the bike seem easy and you have it under control, but we must control to unforeseen events.

Attend a driving courseThis is true regardless of whether your experience and better the less time you take on a motorcycle. You will learn a lot and much safer.

The road is not a circuit: Enjoy your bike, but if you want to see what you are able, go into circuit, there you can do so safely and controlled manner

Drive defensively. Leave a wide margin of safety, read the state of asphalt (potholes, gravel, stains, puddles, roughness …) well and leads always thinking that the car in front can make it more unlikely that you can think of.

And finally and most importantly, enjoy the bike.

Source: Cyber Power Sports

Reasons To Have An Above Ground Swimming Pool In Your Backyard

Best Above Ground PoolAbove ground swimming pools can make your backyard an exciting place. We all look to have some fun and excitement in our house, but the world we live in today, it is pretty hard to buy things because of their high rates. If you want a private pool without the spending too much money, then you need to have a pool such as an in-ground swimming pool. You will be surprised to know that the above ground swimming pools are one of the best options for the majority of families. One of the highlighting features of the best above ground pool is that people can start swimming as soon as it is installed in their backyards.

Why should you buy an above ground swimming pool?

There are some swimming pools that are designed in such a way that people can winterize when the weather is not ideal for swimming. There are some swimming pools that can be easily disassembled and stored indoors when the weather conditions start to dip. Another great thing about above ground swimming pools is the range available in the market. You can easily buy an above ground swimming pool, as they are quite cheap when compared to other styles of swimming pools.

Different types of styles and materials used in above ground swimming pools

Above ground swimming pools are available in two depths, which are 48 inches to 54 inches. You also have the option to choose from wide range of sizes such as, rectangular, round and oval. As the time passes by, the number of swimming pool styles tend to increase, thus allowing consumers to have their favorite swimming pool. People can choose from traditional pools to sleek and modular designs according to their backyard.

Apart from different styles, the above ground swimming pools come in many different materials, providing a wide range of options for the people to choose from in terms of construction and installation.

If you want to buy a traditional swimming pool, then you must check if the material used in it is genuine galvanized steel because it is an extremely strong and durable material. If you want to buy a modern swimming pool, then you have even more options than the traditional swimming pool manufacturing brands. If your backyard is not that big, then you can try a brand named ‘Intex’, which makes compact swimming pools, which are perfect for smaller families with smaller space. There won’t be any difference in the durability and efficiency, so you can take a look at them.

Installation and assembling an above ground swimming pool is pretty easy

It doesn’t matter what type of metal has been used in making the swimming pool, the assembly part usually remains the same. You can easily determine the parts to fit and locked in the swimming pool before adding water. You will find a wide number of swimming pools that come with an option of getting fully customized, and you can install them partially above ground, fully above ground or completely into the ground.

You can also find a huge number of accessories for above ground swimming pools, which were certainly not present in the past. If you want to add ladders, steps, slides, flumes or any other accessory, then you can easily add it. The flexibility that you get into the design and construction in today’s swimming pools are definitely something which was not possible a decade ago.

Regarding purifying projects, you can now warm and clean your pool water without expecting to depend on elevated amounts of harsh chlorine or other harmful chemicals. Case in point, mineral-based water disinfecting offers a reasonable and simple approach to filter without the requirement for the traditional chlorine. What’s more, new saltwater purifying systems are now easily available for above ground pools. These “salt-chlorine generators” use low levels of normal regular salt to make common chlorine, which cleanses and diminishes pool water.

If you want the theme of ‘going green’, then the above ground swimming pool would be the best option, as they are quite eco-friendly and don’t become a liability of the owners. They don’t need too much of the resources to be operational, so you can enjoy your time in the swimming pool without worrying about any unexpected cost. You can take a look at the number of resources, both offline and online for finding the best above ground swimming pool according to your budget.


What are the benefits swimming brings to health?

Swimming provides a number of benefits to the practitioner improve cardiovascular fitness, balance, thinking, motor skills and muscles.



Swimming is a physical activity that works for all muscle groups, relieve the daily stresses and assists in recovery from injury. Performing regularly favors the cardiovascular system because it increases circulation since muscles require a greater flow of oxygen to the exercise, and also strengthens the heart and contributes to the smooth functioning of the lungs.

With the practice of swimming, lung releases oxygen to the blood, heart and improves the state of the cells. In this way, the signs of aging take longer to appear. Successive strokes may help circulatory and cardio-respiratory fitness, development of muscles, provides more flexibility, endurance, balance and improves motor coordination.

The primary benefits of swimming for health are greater stamina, improvement in thinking ability, increased circulatory and respiratory capacity, development of muscle mass and stretching the muscles, expansion of joint movements and reducing the symptoms of brain diseases.


In addition to all the aforementioned physical benefits, the active memory swimming as it relaxes the mind, ensuring a proper oxygenation to the brain. The risk of injury to swimmers is very low, because the water tends to cushion shocks, thus becomes the practice provides for recovery from injuries.
Experts warn that decide to swim, it is essential to select the location, or swimming club and check the care, support and security conditions. As well as to understand exactly how the pool site, that is, to distinguish between a recreational pool and a workout for learning as well as the size and depth of the pool should be taken into account.

Get to know the professional who will accompany the lesson, make sure there is someone else to take care of the swimmers, especially in cases of enormous classes or with children. Being too critical, check how many classes there are, what level and the average age of each and clarify what is indicated for you.


Learn more about the benefits of badminton

Badminton practice can burn fat and make good for the heart

You’ve probably heard of badminton at the Olympics, does not it? What should you still not know is that this sport can bring many benefits to your health.

As a popular sport in Southeast Asia, Badminton is an easy sport to learn. Yes, most players quickly acquires the ability to hit the shuttlecock over the net and challenge a friend. In addition, the rackets are lightweight, which means it is the ideal sport for young children. These elements make the game accessible, regardless of age or skill of the player.

benefits of badminton

Badminton is a “whole body” sport

If you play badminton, you are exercising the whole body, a consequence of the large range of motion in this game. Therefore, the benefits begin with the muscles and extend to the internal organs – the heart and lungs.

Health benefits of badminton

Improving physical fitness. Between running and hit the shuttlecock, play badminton helps burn body fat. An hour game burns about 450 calories, but you will not feel all this physical activity, since the game is so much fun.

Helps developing skills. The sport improves speed, reflection, intelligence and productivity. It’s a fast game, so players need to be alert all the time. In addition, we need to develop strategies to win the game.

Increases muscle tone. It’s a great exercise for the legs and abdomen muscles. And, of course, the arm and the muscle of the back, especially on the side that you keep your paddle.

Provides psychological benefits. Besides badminton promote their physical fitness, it also helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Exercise increases endorphins, which contains the brain wellness neurotransmitters, and may also improve mood and sleep.


Prevents osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is one of the most common problems in the elderly and postmenopausal women. This disease can be prevented by practicing the sport regularly: this activity helps activate cells that form bones. The game also helps to absorb calcium in the bone matrix, which is important to prevent osteoporosis, regardless of age and sex of the individual.

It’s good for the heart. The main health benefit to practice this type of exercise regularly is to reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. As the bad cholesterol decreases the size of blood vessels, promoting heart attacks and strokes, the reduction in their levels translates into multiple health benefits as a whole.

badminton health heart

It is good for overall health. As with all forms of exercise, badminton can reduce or eliminate the risk of many health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. It can also reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by lowering your triglyceride levels.

Did you like the article? What is your opinion about the benefit of badminton? Will share their experiences and answer your questions.

15 top outdoor sports for your health

Outdoor sports are circumstances when it is fine, and summer. When the weather is beautiful on the outside, who wants to go to the gym instead of going to practice outdoor sports? So gather your family and invite your friends to spend quality time outdoors, and burn calories. features 15 best sports to do outside. These outdoor sports will make your summer more enjoyable, and help you lose weight, stay motivated and keep the line:

1) Tennis


Make a game of tennis with friends in summer and sweat under the sun while having fun.
Calories burned per hour: 544 (number based on a tennis weighing 70 kilos).
Additional benefits: get slim and sexy arms, shoulders and the back muscles professional player. Also, read our eight tips to make physical activity wilderness during the winter season.

2) Beach volleyball


Smashes your calories. Play beach volleyball with your family.
Calories burned per hour: 544 (estimate for a volleyball player weighing 70 kilos).
Additional benefits: beach volley, smash each service and helps tone your arms, abs, legs and chest. To better sport activities in hot weather during the summer months here.

3) Football


Call your friends and type in the ball together.
Calories burned per hour: 493 (estimated on a footballer who weighs 70 kilos).
Additional benefits: the course you will work your legs, and your chest and your abs.

4) Badminton


Like tennis, but you do not need much equipment.
Calories burned per hour: 493 (number based on an athlete weighing 70 kilos).
Additional benefits: you get nice arms, shoulders and back strengthening.

5) Swimming

Woman swimming in a pool

Swim laps while children splash and relatives. This aquatic activity you stay well hydrated in summer scorching heat, and this outdoor either in a lake, the sea or in a pool put in your large garden.
Calories burned per hour: 476 (number based on a swimmer weighing 70 kgs).
Additional benefits: you will not find better as a sport to work your entire body. Swimming strengthens your chest, your back and your arms, abs, legs and shoulders.

6) Cycling

Take a bike ride on the forest trails or countryside break.
Calories burned per hour: 476 (number based on a cyclist weighing 70 kg).
Additional benefits: going to attack each coast that this will strengthen and tone to give your legs, hips and buttocks.

7) Running

Go for a run in the woods when you have free time, alone or with friends runners.
Calories burned per hour: 442 (number based on a rider weighing 70 kg).
Additional benefits: you build you powerful and beautiful legs and admire the beauty of nature.

8) Softball

To satisfy your cravings for exotic sports, look for bats, gloves, balls and your friends for a game of softball, perfect in summer.
Calories burned per hour: 340 (number based on a softballer that weighs 70 kilos).
Additional benefits: you do not need to execute correctly the movements to work chest, arms, legs, abs, shoulders and back.

9) Rowing boat and kayak


Ramez during a canoe trip, if possible in magnificent landscapes (as in the Gorges du Tarn).
Calories burned per hour: 340 (number based on an avironiste weighing 70 kilos).
Additional benefits: when you row, water resistance will help eliminate fat in your arms and strengthen your back.

10) Golf

Put your favorite polo and bring your own golf clubs.
Calories burned per hour: 306 (number based on a golfer weighing 70 kilos).
Additional benefits: every swing works your arms, abs, shoulders and back.

11) Gardening

Do not let weeds grow, and do not be afraid to get dirty.
Calories burned per hour: 306 (number based on a person weighing 70 kilos).
Additional benefits: the movements to turn on you and make you bend your supporting muscles work all angles.

12) Riding

Enjoy the beautiful weather during walks outside with your horse. Moreover, and this is quite rare for stress, men and women can practice even.
Calories burned per hour: 272 (number based on a person weighing 70 kilos).
Additional benefits: stay hooked to the saddle does work well within your thighs and buttocks.

13) Shopping

Take a ride into town, walk course.
Calories burned per hour: 238 (size based on a shopper weighing 70 kilos).
Additional benefits: it will not be like the year, but a walk in the mall or in the vicinity tones your calves and gluteal muscles major (this means nothing to you are the most powerful muscles? human body, and they give relief to your buttocks).

14) Frisbee

Have fun run then recovering these discs in a park. It is an outdoor sport par excellence that will increase your physical ability.
Calories burned per hour: 204 (amount based on a player weighing 70 kilos).
Additional benefits: playing frisbee will work chest, arms, shoulders, abs and legs.

15) Sailing Boat

Learn how to sail. In good weather at sea, the fresh sensations delight you and burn fat at the same time, is not that the dream?
Calories burned per hour: 204 (number based on a practitioner whose weight is 70 kilos).
Additional benefits: your legs, arms, shoulders, and abs will thank you.
What other outdoor sports do you offer? What do you think of the 15 best sports to do outside? Read the comments below or share your opinion on this page. If you liked this article, thank you recommend it on Facebook, of the tweeter, to give it a vote +1 on Google Plus.

Skates: exercise and fun

Before starting my “New Life”, I decided to buy something that was part of my childhood and adolescence, and I just loved, I bought a pair of skates, along with it all that safety kit, because I did not have one balance and agility a few years ago.

The purchase was made in order to help me lose weight because I knew and skates even being used for fun in my childhood, I never ceased to be a sport, and sport is sport thin, and that’s what I wanted!


People say that when you learn to ride a bike you never forget, but this theory can not be used with the skates. I took many falls, hurt my wrist, scraped me, but I never gave up, besides that word “quit” is not part of my dictionary. After many falls, I kept standing and balancing on top of the toy (with support of best longboard wheels and best longboard trucks.)

The feeling of roller skating for those who like to get is the same meet a test of mini-marathon, and it looks fresh, rollerblading and running turned my two passions after I joined the project.

Did you know the skates can bring many benefits to our health and help us have that little body that both want?

Roller skating is an excellent exercise to strengthen the muscles of the thighs and gluteal because they are the most used in time to get the balance, the abdomen also works when we move in to pick up momentum or speed.


– When we walk skates improve our posture, our physical conditioning, as in the race, only without impact (unless you’re an expert in the sport and practice some jumps)

– Increased muscle strength,

– Assists in the development of motor coordination and also improves the respiratory conditioning.

– Strengthening of bones, muscles, and ligaments

– It burns a lot of calories. This caloric burn is relative, depending on the metabolism of each body weight, time and intensity of the activity, but you can get to burn up to 800 calories for one hour of skating

Remember that you will not be able to lose weight just walking skates, it is an exercise that to have results need to be aligned with a diet or proper nutritional education. Drink plenty of water while practicing the sport, never forget to moisturize your body.

This picture is a “before and after” when I started rollerblading and how I am today (it was not only the skates that helped me lose weight, remember that I train, I run, and I eat properly).

One of the biggest benefits of roller skating is fun and the sense of freedom that this sport gives us. Skating is an outdoor therapy, sense of well-being and youth.

The sound of the heart

I have a rule in relation to training. If I’m not right for some reason, I will not run. Is to be with colic or the full head. I like to give myself 100% to the race.

Because of this, hardly a workout out bad. Even if I do not reach the programmed pace, I know I tried my best.


Yesterday afternoon leaves home for my Saturday long run and decided to follow a path already known. Like walking through the streets and past the points that cause me some admiration. Either by a century-old pine tree or a tree-lined square.

I do not remember and ran from 8 km to 11 km, but I was overcome by a burst of good feelings. Such joy just overflowing with tears. I believe that when we come to this state is that we realize that we are actually running. The pace of past coincides with heart sound. It was one of the best workouts of my life.

“It is the silence of the race that I am to myself. I spend a couple of hours, without speaking or listening to others, listening to the rhythm of breathing, the contractions of the leg muscles, the footsteps, the gear changes and pains that may appear, contact impossible to maintain body during daily activities. ”

Strong hugs and good km!