How to make a stove with a can: homemade stove and alcohol stove

These are some of the most popular versions of portable stoves that provide for heating a little water and prepare a hot drink, soup or cooking something light. All you need to bring this mini stove of alcohol to reality are some cans, scissors, and a little patience. Build yourself the stove with a can by looking at this tutorial.

homemade alcohol stove

Improvise, troubleshoot, recycle and save money … things we grow very well to backpackers. That added to there are some campsites where is forbidden to light fires with the wood result in a homemade invention like this: A portable stove alcohol you can do on your own.

The can that you can choose can be beer or soda, and it does not matter. The important thing is to make a clean construction and use the hot alcohol vapors to achieve combustion.

The work is very simple and will not take more than a few minutes depending on your level of perfection. This stove made with a can is perfectly reusable and suffice to suffocate the oxygen by covering the fire for a couple of seconds with any piece of cloth. It will shut down immediately and is safer than blowing the fire or pouring water (do not do it).

There are many flammable liquids that you can use. The most generic are alcohol, but there are others more specialized in making fire for cooking.

It must be stressed that being a recycled can, it is not precisely a very durable material but the idea and its simple execution make it a classic trick for travelers and camping enthusiasts. Although this would not be the first option to consider more stable alternatives (like gas stoves for camping) its simplicity is a small and attractive challenge. Try to see how it works out for you.

Note that try to imply that a homemade alcohol stove is somehow more dangerous than commercial stoves. If you are looking for the best backpacking stove for your camping with safe, check it here


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