The sound of the heart

I have a rule in relation to training. If I’m not right for some reason, I will not run. Is to be with colic or the full head. I like to give myself 100% to the race.

Because of this, hardly a workout out bad. Even if I do not reach the programmed pace, I know I tried my best.


Yesterday afternoon leaves home for my Saturday long run and decided to follow a path already known. Like walking through the streets and past the points that cause me some admiration. Either by a century-old pine tree or a tree-lined square.

I do not remember and ran from 8 km to 11 km, but I was overcome by a burst of good feelings. Such joy just overflowing with tears. I believe that when we come to this state is that we realize that we are actually running. The pace of past coincides with heart sound. It was one of the best workouts of my life.

“It is the silence of the race that I am to myself. I spend a couple of hours, without speaking or listening to others, listening to the rhythm of breathing, the contractions of the leg muscles, the footsteps, the gear changes and pains that may appear, contact impossible to maintain body during daily activities. ”

Strong hugs and good km!

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