Skates: exercise and fun

Before starting my “New Life”, I decided to buy something that was part of my childhood and adolescence, and I just loved, I bought a pair of skates, along with it all that safety kit, because I did not have one balance and agility a few years ago.

The purchase was made in order to help me lose weight because I knew and skates even being used for fun in my childhood, I never ceased to be a sport, and sport is sport thin, and that’s what I wanted!


People say that when you learn to ride a bike you never forget, but this theory can not be used with the skates. I took many falls, hurt my wrist, scraped me, but I never gave up, besides that word “quit” is not part of my dictionary. After many falls, I kept standing and balancing on top of the toy (with support of best longboard wheels and best longboard trucks.)

The feeling of roller skating for those who like to get is the same meet a test of mini-marathon, and it looks fresh, rollerblading and running turned my two passions after I joined the project.

Did you know the skates can bring many benefits to our health and help us have that little body that both want?

Roller skating is an excellent exercise to strengthen the muscles of the thighs and gluteal because they are the most used in time to get the balance, the abdomen also works when we move in to pick up momentum or speed.


– When we walk skates improve our posture, our physical conditioning, as in the race, only without impact (unless you’re an expert in the sport and practice some jumps)

– Increased muscle strength,

– Assists in the development of motor coordination and also improves the respiratory conditioning.

– Strengthening of bones, muscles, and ligaments

– It burns a lot of calories. This caloric burn is relative, depending on the metabolism of each body weight, time and intensity of the activity, but you can get to burn up to 800 calories for one hour of skating

Remember that you will not be able to lose weight just walking skates, it is an exercise that to have results need to be aligned with a diet or proper nutritional education. Drink plenty of water while practicing the sport, never forget to moisturize your body.

This picture is a “before and after” when I started rollerblading and how I am today (it was not only the skates that helped me lose weight, remember that I train, I run, and I eat properly).

One of the biggest benefits of roller skating is fun and the sense of freedom that this sport gives us. Skating is an outdoor therapy, sense of well-being and youth.

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